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Site Supervision

Identify Risks to Your Project with The GeoFocus Group Site Supervision Services

Coordinating the construction of Industrial, Commercial, Institutional or Multi-Family Residential projects is a demanding job and requires taking many aspects into consideration – for example, material quality, on-site safety, contractual compliance, regulatory compliance, municipal matters and scheduling deadlines.

The GeoFocus Group’s team of site supervision experts support will come as relief to your existing project team on site.  Our experts can assist you in the evaluation of component quality, assessment and optimization of installation activities and preparation of required documentation.

Our Site Supervisors Can Assist You to Increase Transparency and Quality at Your Construction Site

Our site superintendents are experienced at all phases of the construction life-cycle from pre-construction to post-construction to observe and document progress for new-builds, major maintenance, capital improvements and refurbishment projects.

Providing essential detailed documentation offers increased transparency and traceability for the project. This can mitigate risk through early identification of issues. Our team utilizes cloud based software to electronically record: daily logs, project photo-documentation, inspections, quality control, quality assurance, health and safety and many other field/site related tasks.

Comprehensive Construction Site Supervision For Improved Quality Assurance and Quality Control

At The GeoFocus Group, it is our job to act as our Owner’s and Developer’s eyes and ears, giving them valuable insight and peace of mind knowing that their project is being appropriately supervised and documented. While overseeing any construction project, our goal is to ensure that it efficiently from pre-construction to post-construction.

The GeoFocus Group is able to assist clients by customizing site supervision packages to suit their specific site needs, construction budgets and project timelines. Whether your project is in the realm of residential real estate, commercial real estate, multi-family real estate or industrial real estate, the menu of site supervision services provided by The GeoFocus Group promise a job truly well done.

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