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Contracts Administration

Contract Administration is the work of the contract administrator and/ or owners representative to ensure that the final construction is in general conformance with the contract documents. If we refer to a typical contract, (we will refer to the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) CCDC-2 Stipulated price contract 2008(CCDC) the role of Contracts Administrator is defined as providing:

“…administration of the Contract as described in the Contract Documents” but most importantly “The consultant ….will not have control, charge of construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, or procedures, or for safety precautions and programs required in connection with the work…” – CCDC

Continuing with the CCDC as a guide to illustrate some points, it provides a list of tasks that are typically required of the Contract Administrator and includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Visit the place of work at intervals appropriate to the progress of construction
  • Become familiar with the progress and quality of the work
  • Determine if the work is in general conformity with the contract documents
  • Determine the money owed to the contractor (based on observations above)
  • Participating in the Cost Monitoring and or Payment Certification process
  • Interpretation of the contract documents
  • Provide supplemental instructions (SI)
  • Review shop drawings and submittals
  • Prepare change orders
  • Determine substantial performance
  • Receive and review warranties

The GeoFocus Group provides every client with a well rounded and expertly advised contracts administration package that swiftly surpasses every challenge and supplies solid solutions to whatever issues appear throughout the construction process (from pre construction to post construction).

The GeoFocus Group’s highly specialized on-staff experts have the knowledge and expertise required to mold the perfect plan for your venture, and our vast collection of industry connections allows our team a rare network of expert input and opportunities for collaboration with renowned industry professionals.

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