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Mission Statement

The GeoFocus Group is dedicated to providing GTA construction management services fueled by expertise and passion. With a team of highly experienced industry professionals, The GeoFocus Group works tirelessly to provide competency, transparency, honesty and dedication, all while staying true to its principles of excellence and accountability. By asking the right questions and providing perfect solutions, by demanding the highest standards of themselves and for their clients, The GeoFocus Group continuously achieves that excellence. And by coming together as a group of colleagues, professionals and friends, the team champions accountability to its clients, and to society.

Safety, community and sustainability — these are the three principles that are at the centre of every endeavor taken on by The GeoFocus Group.

By emphasizing safety, the team recognizes that the GTA construction industry has distinct requirements for safety and compliance training. The GeoFocus Group enters each project with a strict safety program requiring that all employees, vendors, suppliers and visitors must meet and exceed the requirements implemented and monitored by The GeoFocus Group. By maintaining this approach and creating a team-centered environment, each project manned by The GeoFocus Group is backed by an airtight sense of safety and security.

A sense of community is integral to The GeoFocus Group’s operations. The company’s network is more like a family, constantly striving to create a positive environment that is healthy and happy for all parties. This sense of community is applied not only in-house at The GeoFocus Group, but to every member of the construction industry that the team encounters. This is because The GeoFocus Group never loses sight of its ultimate goal: to craft a better landscape for the community. To add to the company’s inherent sense of ethos, The GeoFocus Group is an avid supporter of many local charities and philanthropic initiatives, like Villa Charities Foundation’s annual Giro event, Habitat for Humanity, the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation and many more.

Finally, The GeoFocus Group is committed to maintaining sustainability in all its projects, increasing its value to its customers, employees and shareholders by providing products and services that are useful and innovative. The GeoFocus Group upholds this commitment while staying true to its business ethics, and the responsibilities of being a good corporate citizen.

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