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Contractor Assistance

The project has over 1000 requests for information with many identified as unanswered.  The project has 500+ change order requests, most of which are not approved.  You have been asked to accept change directives, defer invoicing and or reduce billing amounts.  The construction industry is facing an unprecedented personnel shortage and complex construction projects are often left to inexperienced general contractors, construction managers, project managers, site supervisors, contracts administrators and trade contractors which causes projects to be severely delayed, deficient and or distressed.  This is leading to many construction projects being delivered: i) behind schedule and ii) over budget.  This inevitably creates undue hardship for the General Contractors, Design-Builders, Sub-Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers alike.

Need Help Getting Paid But Not Sure If You Need A Lien?

The GeoFocus Group offers a responsive and effective troubleshooting service.

In the face of crisis and uncertainty, The GeoFocus Group  provides leadership, experience and technical expertise.  Our 50+ year record in the industry combined with our experience in the provision of technical due diligence and strategic project recovery, enables us to understand the issues that you are facing on your distressed, dysfunctional or delayed construction project.  With the priorities established and the issues defined, we progress to creating, and then implementing, a recovery plan – ensuring that: i) you are paid in a timely manner, ii) your change orders are approved and iii) you are compensated for delays/impacts to your delivery schedule / budget.

Our Contractor/Supplier oriented distressed, dysfunctional or delayed construction project recovery services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Change Orders
    • Change Order Management
    • Change Order Preparation / Drafting
    • Change Directive Preparation / Drafting
    • Change Order Analysis
  • Contractual Notices
    • Default Notice Preparation / Drafting
    • Notices in Writing (CCDC) Preparation / Drafting
    • Claims for a Change in Contract Price Notice Preparation / Drafting
    • Termination Notice Preparation / Drafting
  • Unpaid Invoices
    • Adjudication Assistance
    • Prompt Payment Process Coordination
    • Proper Invoice Drafting / Preparation
    • Invoice Submission Assistance
  • Lien Management
    • Coordination of Lien Registration
    • Review / Analysis of Lien
    • Coordination of Lien Perfection
    • Coordination of Statement of Claim Preparation
  • Delay Claim Management
    • Schedule Analysis
    • Correspondence Analysis
    • Scott Schedule Preparation
    • Damages Assessment
  • Litigation Support
    • Legal Team Management
    • Claims Management
    • Consultant Coordination
    • Interrogation of the Construction Process
  • Project Recovery
    • Assembly of a Recovery Plan
    • Project Management Support
    • Construction Management Support
    • Risk / Exposure Mitigation
  • Expert Services
    • Expert Witness Services
    • Expert Opinion Reporting
    • Forensic Analysis
    • Condition Assessments
  • Financial Assistance
    • Alternative Financial Arrangements
    • Accounts Receivable Assistance
    • Accounts Payable Assistance
    • Contracts Management

Do You Need Assistance With Your Current Contract or Project?

For further information on The GeoFocus Group’s Contractor/Supplier oriented distressed, dysfunctional or delayed construction project recovery services please contact:

Roger Altobelli
Founder and Strategic Advisor
T. 416.622.0456 X 333


Adam Altobelli
T. 416.622.0456 X 222

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