About the company

The GeoFocus Group was founded in 1976 by Roger Altobelli and three other professionals. Almost two decades later, in 1998, Roger rebranded the firm to The GeoFocus Group with the mission of providing construction management, contracts administration and site supervision services to the GTA construction and development industry, all while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

As The GeoFocus Group’s founding principal, Roger brings to the table the value of his 45 years’ experience in the industry, with his expertise ranging from project and construction management to contracts administration and arbitration, from project revitalization to construction financing and cost control, from preparation of project pro forma to the Ontario New Home Warranty Act and the Construction Lien Act, among many other areas.

In the early 2000s, Roger’s children Adam Altobelli and Laura Altobelli joined the company, and today work closely with all of The GeoFocus Group’s clients while managing a significant part of the firm’s daily operations.

After over 40 years in existence, The GeoFocus Group provides distinct services with minimum reliance on out-of-house assistance, always providing clients with the consistent excellence and competitive cost that has become synonymous with the company. Employing a team of construction professionals, GeoFocus Group is home to a collection of people who mirror Roger’s personal commitment to thoroughly understanding each project and executing each client’s objectives in strict compliance with all rules and regulations to exceed their expectations.

The company’s reputation for ethical practices is its most valued asset, and is an integral element in its ongoing quest for sustained profitability. Of course, such integrity always depends on the team that makes it happen. At The GeoFocus Group, every team members approaches each task thoughtfully, genuinely and the ability to be navigated by years of rich experience.

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